Aug 302013

twin_2 twin_1

Project:            Twin Residence

Location:         Shaikh Zayed City, Cairo, Egypt

Client:               Mr. Hassan Ali

Scope:              Design & Construction Documents

Date:                 Oct 2006 – May 2007

Synopsis:        A father purchased a (990 sq m) plot in the Shaikh Zayed City, on the western periphery of Cairo, Egypt.

The client’s request centered around the design of two identical units for his daughter and son. Building regulations in this area prohibits the construction of more than one structure on the same plot.  A U-shape building was designed to offer what seems to be a single structure, but in fact, is two free structures attached at only one of their 9 faces, giving each of the two units 4 free facades to overlook the beautiful landscape on which they’re situated.

Aerial view inside court looking towards the south Section A-A South Facade close up South West